About Reene


Reene Bradshaw is home grown from Pasadena, Texas, now living in Dickinson, Texas, with husband, Eddie Bradshaw, a 3rd generation tree farmer at Bradshaw’s Nursery in Alvin, Texas.
I am a wife, mom, shoe lover, volunteer, big hair wearer. Always sporting the same lip color since 1996.
I love raising my two boys, and couldn’t ever imagine life without football, basketball, baseball, golf (sports in general), a fridge full of snacks, and dirty, stinky laundry. In theory, I am a stay-at-home mom, but hubs calls me a run-away-from-home mom, based solely on my mileage on the SUB.
I am proud of the business my husband has built, the family we have built, and of RANCHO OLIVIO PERDIDO, where we plan to retire and grow olives and, at some point in time, produce olive oil.
I am a recovering Jehovah’s Witness.
I am a hunter and a gatherer.
I am FITTISH, I diet and I work out but I still like to eat a great venison steak and drink a great Cabernet!
Join me in my life's thoughts, journeys and adventures.
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