Who knew there was so much to alligator skin?  This girl knew a little, but I was about to be schooled in the lessons of design, function, style, quality, and all things Alligator.  SNAP, SNAP!

I spent a day with a girlfriend (girl time in River Oaks, can I get an Amen?) and her alligator skins, and Randi at Alexandra Knight’s offices.  Fun detail of this experience, and insight into how “real” Alex is, we met in her house.  Alex has some work going on in the adorable office building/space to the rear of her home, so we hunkered down at the kitchen table of the home, amidst family photos, dog beds, and children’s toys.  Along with Alex’s housekeepers, handyman, two dogs, numerous water bottles, a lap top, and Whataburger bags, we began the design process.  (Remember how much I loved that Alex came to our first meeting freshly showered, straight from spin class…I like this lady; she is absolutely one of us!)

It turned out, Glory Be!, my girlfriend’s alligator skins were perfect!  (Alex had cautioned some skins that are brought back for us hunter wives aren’t as nice as these were; there is a difference in good/bad tanning of the hides.)  This saved us major amounts of time and money.  Randi explained to us that many times, in the case of someone who doesn’t have their own skins, when designing a bag, price range can determine a lot, whether or not they use snake skins, alligator skins, or anything else.  I could instantly see that someone who might not be as decisive as we were could easily be overwhelmed by the many choices.

Here’s how we went about our decisions – First, bag design.  My friend, based on her alligator skins sizes was able to choose a few different small handbags.  Randi suggested, since her skins were glossy, to have a structured bag, something that would work with the “glossiness” of the skins.  Check – bag design chosen!  Second and this is where it was fun!  We chose the color of the lining.  The colors are amazing, and since very few people see the lining of one’s purse, it was creative, and really spoke to my friend’s personal choices.  The lamb skin that Alex uses for the lining is like buttah!  No, I mean, BUTTAH!  It’s amazing, it’s the softest thing I have ever felt.  Randi again explained some choices, and even cautioned with dark colors, “Remember… it’s a little hard to find your lipstick or pen or whatever else in a dark lined purse.”  OMG Randi, thank you for the tidbit; so glad you pointed that out, completely didn’t think of that.  LOVE their experience in this design process!  Check – lining chosen!  On one particular hand bag, my friend was able to choose her detailing.  It could be a ribbon, or a strip of other exotic skin.  I told her to do something crazy.  As my hands dove into the various bowls of exotic, colorful snake skins, I told my friend to go WILD, and I meant crazy wild.  There were bowls of red python, with varying arrays of the color, there were rainbows of snakeskins, there were extremes of blues, from ocean turquoise to bright stargazing blue, and then the camos, OMG, the camos of colors, with greens, yellows, and browns.  Can you tell that my color wheel personality started jumping out at this point?

I had to leave early, picking up my son from Rice baseball camp.  I was sad that I didn’t get to see the entire process wind down.  But, I get to see it finish this week.  I have skins also.  My skins are a little different than alligator skins in that mine are hair on hide.  They came from some of the animals that we have hunted in Africa and New Zealand.  Randi phoned me to tell me that she needed to see if the factory could work with these.  She received confirmation a few days later, and yes, they were good to go.  I was so excited.  So, tomorrow, I will be off to finish the design process.  My skins predicated what my designs are, so I have two bags, the Lola and the Liberty.  (http://www.alexandraknightonline.com/)  I think I already know the lining colors, but tomorrow, my personality may dictate something else, something funky, fun, crazy, wild…I’m thinking a bright, sunny Yellow for one, and I’m thinking a seductive, ravishing RED for the other, that soft lambskin is very minimal, but it’s the best my lipstick and IPhone can get, and I’m going to treat them!

So…what’s your design?  What’s your color?  What’s your skin?  Take a moment and review the color wheel, and think about your choice, and what it says about you!


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