When we started the ROP project, the outdoor space at the ranch was deemed to be Hubby’s designated job.  After all, the outdoors is his thing, he kinda knows a thing or two about trees, plants, flowers.  He said he wanted to do it all.  I had the inside, so therefore, the outside was his.

I said okay.  No problem.We each claimed our territories.  DONE.

As you can see, progress is happening with the outdoor space at Rancho Olivo Perdido.  The outdoor area was first enhanced with the pool and hot tub.  Hubs picked out the coping, grout colors, tile, and fire bowls.  (I picked the fire rock in the fire bowls, but it wasn’t on purpose.  It was totally by accident, swear it.)  Hubs picked out the outdoor furniture, from lounge chairs to picnic tables, to rocking chairs to adirondack chairs.  He has handled the rock, the landscape, the design of the outdoor kitchen, along with the selection of outdoor appliances.  I picked out the cedar, again by accident, only because I had visited the store where it was being purchased years ago.  It’s been the smoothest plan ever.  We had our areas and we knew our strengths, all was good in the world.UNTIL now. (said with a snicker, and a big grin)

He picked out THE featured pool piece.  MOTHER GOOSE.  A metal Mother Goose.  A metal Mother Goose that sits high in an urn.  The urn that we purchased from a vintage store in NOLA, the urn that had survived Hurricane Katrina.  The urn that we (or maybe it was me, not we) dreamt had tales of sitting majestically in front of a grand hotel, with stories of people who passed by, holding hands, kissing, maybe stars who whispered sweet nothings to each other.  This metal Mother Goose was now gracing my urn.

He was so happy to send the pic of the metal Mother Goose.  She was standing in the sunshine, her shadow hanging over the side.  She was gleefully waving in the wind.  I told him, “and this is what happens when you get a little control.”

I thought to myself “there went the neighborhood”.

The Mother Goose metal thing makes him laugh.  I swear, it gives him joy.  Like a mischievous teen who has just snuck into class after being tardy. I shake my head every time I think about his joy.  I can’t help but laugh at him because of his silliness.  And I shake my head more.  I’m shaking my head now as I type this.  Hubs looks at me and says “Hey, you shake your head kinda like Mother Goose does when the wind blows.”  And he laughs. And then I laugh.

I haven’t seen the Mother Goose metal thing in person yet.  I haven’t had the reveal up close and personal.  A friend was at ROP last week.  He loved the Mother Goose metal thing. He laughed at it.  Guess who just bought there very own Mother Goose metal thing?  Our friend.

And hubby now says “See, I’m so original!  I’m a trend setter.  I bought the Mother Goose metal thing way before it was cool”

And he laughs.  Whose laughing now? Who has gotten the proverbial “last laugh”?  Hubs has.

Truth be known…I kinda like the Mother Goose metal thing.  I like the joy it gives hubby.  I like the smile he has when he thinks about it.  I can’t wait to see it.  I sure hope the sun is shining when I see her, and I can laugh in person.  I hope I can laugh with hubby standing next to me, secretly thinking to myself that my husband is a nut job.

So..my prized urn holds the Mother Goose metal thing proudly.  And in true Mother Goose fashion, she has a tall tale to tell.

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