Let’s be clear.  I’m devouring anything vintage right now.  And I’m not talking wine here (that’s a whole nother blog!)  No, not antiques!  Although I did spend some time recently in NOLA scouring through an antique door store.

I’m talking vintage as in music, and in fashion, 80’s fashion primarily…oh big shoulder pads…I long to bring you back!  After all, it’s been 30 years.  Pick me up of the floor, I just DIED.  I’m realizing that I’m old.

Thank you Goldberg’s, Adam Goldberg primarily, for putting on screen the things that I have secretly wished to punish my kids with…shoulder pads, Aqua-net hair spray, flower print bed spreads (yes, all the way to the ground…no bed skirts or dust ruffles here), and rotary dials on public phones.  OMfreakingGawd, please don’t tell me that I have become Beverly Goldberg!  I YELL thru the house like her, and I cuss like her.  Yes, I am Beverly.  (Ha, that means hubby is Murray!  Called him that yesterday…new nickname…use it, hubby is now Murray!)

I am hooked on vintage.  Vintage hair is the death of me.  I look back at my “big hair”!  I think back to my 3 month visits to Fantastic Sam’s for the curliest perm I could get.  I can still smell the rotten egg stench of that chemical curl activator as I would sit under a dryer, holding a towel in front of my face, hoping it wouldn’t run into my eyes.  MOM…Forget the drugs we did and frying our brains, how about that chemical being poured on my head!  And…oh…how I would do anything to get those “Farrah” wings back.  I honestly don’t think that I can do my work out “dips” from my wrist being worn out from throwing that wing for so many years.  And don’t tell me you have forgotten about banana clips.  Yep…every color, almost every size, a banana clip saved my daily beauty regimen more than a pony tail does now.

Vintage music.  ‘NUFF said.  Martha Quinn and MTV, Friday nights REBELLION at its finest!  Milli Vanilli, Run DMC, Tone Loc, Scritti Politti, Huey Lewis and the News, Prince, Madonna, Public Enemy, REM, Motley Crue, The Cure, Wham, Journey, The Beastie Boys, The Smiths, Hall and Oats, the list could never stop for me.  Here is a link to a list that makes it so easy!


Vintage clothes were not my thing, religious household and a mother who didn’t think I was old enough to wear make-up or a mini skirt…it totally passed me up and PISSED me off.  BUT…I did have an aunt who bought my 20 pair of Vans, Jordache jeans, Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, Espirit shirts, and Coca-Cola rugby shirts.  And I had friends who shared their clothes.  And what my mother didn’t know, didn’t hurt her…HA!  Feather roach clips were “cute” accessories!

Brace Face and Head Gear … my teeth thank you now, and I as I raise my own kids, I wish I could put the torture devices on them, and maybe, just maybe, like it did for me, it would scare back any chance of someone wanting to kiss those boys o’ mine.

Vintage homes, back to those long phone cords.  This was the generation of 1 shared phone line in the house.  For a girl to have a separate phone line, OMG, she was like a princess, and to have a separate phone number…died and gone to Heaven!  Colors of the home included the yellow stove, and the green refrigerator and orange backsplash.  The colors were bad, but hey, they weren’t the 90’s mauve.

****SIDE NOTE…WE HAD ASBESTOS shingles on the house.  WOW!  Yes, that’s the explanation…asbestos, say it again A S B E S T O S!

Did everyone have air conditioning back then?  Did everyone have remote controls for the tv?  Forget that…we didn’t have cable…friend’s house for that MTV stuff.

The cars, the television series, the movies, the food (tv dinners?), the electronics (cassettes and VCR’s), wished I would have kept more from those days…I’m digging the VINTAGE!  VINTAGE (as in wine) getting better with age!

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