Just Did It

Ladies, let me be the one to break it to you.  Grey hair and thinning hair doesn’t just happen in one area.  Oh no folks.  Since no one ever informed me, I feel like it’s my duty, my right, my absolute resolve in life to tell you all…GREY HAIR happens everywhere!  So does THINNING HAIR.

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Love SAC

Super Sunday…a few things are certain, WE WILL CHEER ON THE DENVER BRONCOS, we will battle for the remote, I will repeatedly HUSH everyone during a commercial so I can “hear” everything (good Lawd, what did I do before the playback of the DVR?), and there will be a fight for the LOVE SAC!

Round Pond

I like wine!  Yes, all kinds.  Well, not really, I take that back.  I like most wines, I’m not a Riesling person…it’s too sweet for my personal taste buds, but I know that there are those of you who like a sweet, white wine.  “You say ‘to-may-to’, I say ‘to-mah-to.”

HH Design House

My friend Hayley Hardcastle is just one of those girls.  You know them…they can wear just about anything, a pair of ballet flats, strappy sandals, and high heels.  She can rock a t-shirt and no make-up, and still pull off a great ball gown.