Today is National Margarita Day, February 22nd, 2017.  HUMP DAY!  What could be better?  Beautiful day, sun is shining, low humidity, a nice 78 degrees, no chance of rain AND it is National Margarita Day.  WHOOPA!  This is the day that hubs has to limit me.  He knows all too well that Tequila onefrb is no fun.  We affectionately call her Sha-NE-NE.  She doesn’t get to go out very often.  So, one margarita, maybe two, but that’s  about it.  Call it a night sista.

I usually always order mine, Frozen, No Salt.  Very rarely do I have one on the rocks.  RARELY.

1.  Tila’s

One of my top and most favorite picks for a margarita is the freshly squeezed lime juice concoction served up at Tila’s, in the curve, on Shepherd, in H-town. It is about as authentic Mexican as you can get.  I’ve taken a few people to Tila’s who weren’t familiar with the concept of fresh, who were used to the machine kind of margaritas, and they weren’t fans.  That’s okay, turns out, I wasn’t a fan of those people anyway.  Good riddance.  With 85 types of tequila on hand, this is one that can’t be missed.

2. Hugo’s

Located on Westheimer, this margarita rocks.  Again, this is one that I get served over ice.  Love to enjoy Sunday Brunch on the patio with the Hugo’s Rita.  I usually require an afternoon nap, but with a full belly, and a slight buzzed head, hey, this girl will even hit early church service for the best seat. Here’s a tip…Pick your Agave Prescription, the “medicine” of choice for me, Hugo’s Rita with Ocho Blanco Tequila.

3.  El Tiempo

I like the El Tiempo on Westheimer, it’s my favorite.  It’s also the one that I fell off a bar stool (back in band camp)!  My second favorite is the one on Navigation, going old school, Third Ward on that one.  El Tiempo is a frozen margarita for sure.  I like the mango flavored one, and the strawberry flavored one.  If I want to stay are on the bar stool, I have one, no floaters.  If I plan on dancing on the bar, hey…hubs has to deal with me, I have a floater of Patron Silver.

4.  Don’Key

This is old school; girl grew up in Pasa-get-down-dena margarita.  This margarita is known as the Don’Keyrita, because it’s an ass kicker.  That being said, I have had my ass kicked many a time over the years.  It was a damn good thing that I always was close to home.  This is another frozen margarita kind of place.  I always order a small.  Here’s the deal, back in my day, we were professionals at drinking.  We knew how to get our Happy Hour on.  Long nights of research to find out that a large Don’Keyrita almost fits perfectly in the small.  I repeat myself…Always order the small. Because this Rita brings back so many memories, it wouldn’t do it justice if I messed with it.  I don’t order it any way other than the way that it comes out of the machine.  Truth be known, as I have aged, I love it with a shot of Grand Marnier.  Then it’s called a Meltdown.  No questions please.

5.  The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation

Get the Original Ninfa Rita, order the pitcher.  Enuff said.  It comes with 100% Agave Tequila Blanco.  If I want to be all fancy, I love the Pomegranate Margarita.  It’s mucho bueno.  So smooth, and so sweet.  This one might need a little salt rim, but still frozen for sure.

6.  Pappasitos

For a big box restaurant, hey, it’s an easy pick.  I dig on their Grand Gold Margarita.  It starts out very old school, just a basic frozen margarita in a martini glass, with a great big pour of Grand Gold.  I also like the “Swirl”.  There is a story there.  We used to call this one the “Squirrel”.  The name originates from one too many a night were there was confusion amongst a large group of very rowdy folks.

7.  Lupe Tortillas

I order the Lupe’s Original Margarita, frozen, no salt.

That’s it folks.  It’s my selection for today.  Enjoy.  Happy National Margarita Day.  Ole’



  1. I’ve heard about Don’keys, never been but I’m a margarita girl all the way. I need to try that, one of these days. 🙂

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