Have you seen that commercial about businesses who get their start in the garage?  I couldn’t find it on the googler or else I would have attached it.  It basically lists several  L A R G E (said in my best Ron White voice) businesses that have started out of folk’s garages.  Oh yeah…the list included some little known things like Amazon, Apple, Disney, Hewlett Packard, Mattel…and so on. I like the list, it’s pretty impressive.  It got me started thinking about my garage.  My garage “idea list” has some pretty hair brained, wacky, weird, and sometimes WILD ventures that have come out of it but alas … the CARS “IN” the garage, now there are some experiments in fortune!  The experiences, adventures, heart to hearts, and even answering the world problems have been in my car.  I can recall conversations about boyfriends, girlfriends, weddings, ex-boyfriends, bars, jobs, make out sessions, break ups, make ups, and many a tear shed in a car.  As for ideas, I think I get some of my best thinking done while in the car, music blasting, or alone and quiet, stuck in traffic, or whizzing down the road, city streets, or dirt roads…IDEAS, thoughts, and dreams all to be had.

Who’s with me?

High school car, ugh, it was awful, but sista…the beer that it had on the floor boards could have been rung out and poured back into another keg.  She had so much sand in her from the various “skip” days of school, beach days in Galveston…Frank Champion, remember those doctor’s notes that got us all busted.  Who knew that they would call my OB/GYN on you?  Poor guy.
How embarrassing.  (I’m still so sorry about that!)  That Suzuki Samurai…oh, if she could talk…I think she knew how to drive herself home.  Tim Kington, remember Galveston, when the causeway was frozen over at Mardi Gras and I hit the black ice.  We just left her there, next to the causeway bridge.  My parents were NOT happy the next day when I tried to tell them I left her in a safe spot, but didn’t quite remember where.  Good Lord…that car had been rained on so much INSIDE, top off and I would leave her completely open.  That’s how I rolled back then, who cared about the hair, you just took off, no responsibilities, and no cares, and that little Sammie, she was as eager to get me to the adventures at hand as I was ready to be there.

I can’t remember how many people I traded that Samurai to for a night or a weekend.  I know that Jodi Briand lent me her Mustang once or twice; I think I traded writing a paper for that one long weekend of her car, but I remember many a lunch bought for me to get to drive her ‘stang.  I think I let a girl named Shannon take her too, I think I borrowed her Berretta for a night out that I didn’t want the “jeep” look, and maybe even once to go to a funeral.  I know Liz Vottler and I exchanged rides a few times.  Her Maxima for the Sammie, can’t remember what the heck that one was about, maybe just wanting a luxury slice of heaven and an AC over the humid Houston air in the Sammie.  Who knows?  I’m sure that Sammie ended up dying her slow death in some Mexican hell.  I was quite sure the couple that I sold her to had her on the first train to Mexico…Sammie, here’s hoping you ended up with some surfer girl in Cabo.

The first brand spanking new car I ever had, my Honda Accord.  I relished her; she was the best, that car was babied, like taken care of more than I could imagine.  I think it was about the time that I started getting serious in life, starting taking work serious, and had finally found my part in life…as an adult.  I think that was the car that I sat in when I heard the news that “MY” now dear hubby was engaged to another girl.  OMG, I think I died in that car at that very moment.  It was a good thing that we sat in front of The Donkey at that moment, and they had Donkeritas to revive me, and get me past that awful night.  Kelly Babin…you remember those days, how much could one girl pine over one boy?  When I was rear-ended and then thrown into 2 other lanes of traffic, that Honda kept me safe, even though she was totaled, I still couldn’t bear to let her go.  It was sad; it was like a part of me growing up had just been taken away.

That accident led me to my first luxury car, the Acura 3.2 TL.  It was then that I remember being a full-fledged adult, car payment, insurance, gas bills to prove it.  After that car, it was hard to remember what car was next.  It seems like life was flying by so fast. Family life took over…hubby and I changed cars to have our first SUV, complete with car seat and baby to fill the car seat.   For a while after, the cars got lost, SUV after SUV, breaking them in with car seats, babies, crumbs, and spilled milk.  From a few Fords to the Chevys to the GMC’s, they were all meant to haul Momma Bear, babies, strollers, and groceries.

Since then hubby has surprised me with a few extras here and there.  I’ve had another 4×4, a real Jeep, including Mickey Thompsons and all.  I have enjoyed two beauties, the first Mercedes Benz, my CLS500 that took my breath away.  There will never be another one like her.  Hubby still loves the squeal of delight when I nearly shit my drawers at her sight.  Now, I have her bigger sister, not as sexy as she was, but more elegant, my S Class.

Meanwhile, back inside that garage…it hasn’t given me the million dollar idea yet, but I’ll take the million memories it has stored.

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