Ladies, let me be the one to break it to you.  Grey hair and thinning hair doesn’t just happen in one area.  Oh no folks.  Since no one ever informed me, I feel like it’s my duty, my right, my absolute resolve in life to tell you all…GREY HAIR happens everywhere!  So does THINNING HAIR.  And by everywhere, I mean everywhere.

E V E R Y W H E R E!

I recently noticed the damn silver streaks in a few areas that this 47-year-old isn’t so happy about.  For the safety of any continued readers, and in hopes of note scaring any future readers, I am only going to discuss the grey hairs that showed up in my eyebrows.  Who would have guessed that my eyebrows were thinning too?

First, I will say, I have amazing eyebrows.  I HAD amazing eyebrows.  I have always been complimented on them.  I have years of practice applying eye makeup and tweezing my eyebrows perfectly.  I was taught by the best.  Mrs. Mayo herself (Mrs. Mayo, as in Mayo-Hill,  I can still hear her say “you pluck a chicken; you tweeze an eyebrow”.

If you haven’t heard me say this before…I’m 47 years old now.  Things are starting to change, shift, plump and thin, grey.

My eyebrows have been thinning over the years but I’ve managed, thanks to one special applicator brush (still from Mrs. Mayo), and the perfect matching Coal eye shadow.  But now, I’m finding grey hairs in there with whats left of the damn things.  And the hits just keep coming.

So, viola!  Welcome to microblading.

Ya’ll.  This didn’t happen by accident.  My little Vietnamese girl who has tweezed my eyebrows on a regular, quarterly maintenance schedule for well over 8 years JACKED them up right before Tillman’s Mardi Gras ball.  Ya’ll.  She JACKED THEM UP!  I won’t go into any particulars, but I will say this, when hubs holds up a butter knife and says “grab a mirror” to show you how uneven they are, well friends, that’s when you know that drastic measures are needed.

Here’s how it went down.  “Hello Jana, can you get me in for a Botox treatment to get my eyebrow to relax?”  “Reene?  What?”  “Okay, Jana, I need my eyebrow to go to sleep, and I need it done ASAP.”  “Okay, come in.”  Jana is at Dr. Sukkar’s office,  She is a dream, and I totally trust any work she does, therefore, I trust any recommendation she gives.  Jana recommended that I see Carrie Kordes, at Bella-Chateau,  After getting the eyebrows to relax, and settle into their new home, I made my appointment for micro-blading with Carrie.

I had heard about microblading a few different times, and had even seen a few different examples of ladies who had recently done it.  I had never considered myself a candidate, because I loved my eyebrows.  But given the above, I was “oh hell yea, sign me up now”.

Ya’ll.  Game changer!  Microblading is LIT!  If you haven’t heard about microblading, it’s been popular in Asia and Europe for years, but has become popular here in the US more recently.  Some people call it micropigmentation, some people call it permanent make up, kinda like tattooing.  It’s done with a tool that looks kinda like an exacto knife, but it has microblades on it.  Very simply put, the microblade is dipped into a pigment color that matches your hair color and the pigment is implanted into your skin in a very fine cut, or microstroke.

The results are amazing.  As you can see in the picture attached.  I was so incredibly pleased with the result.

Here’s the deal though, you have to care for these suckers.  I had my microblading done the Thursday before Easter.  I was very worried at first, and so was my family.  I swear, my hubs kept saying “just do it” because he said I looked like the Nike swoosh.  My kids told me that I looked like Groucho Marxs.  I felt like my eyebrows entered the room 4 steps before me.  I would have sworn that I could see my eyebrows every time I looked up.  I kept telling the fam that everything was fine, almost trying to convince myself.  I told them “it’s just like when I use self tanner, I never go out looking orange, but while it’s doing it’s magic, yeah, I look a little funny.  It’s going to be okay!”  My eyebrows were a little swollen from the procedure, so given the swollen effect, and the color, we were all a little nervous.  But, swear it, my hand over my heart swear it, by Easter Sunday, the family was seated at Easter brunch, and they all said “yeah Mom, they look good.”  And in my typically Mom fashion, I said “I know, I told you so!”  I’m already looking forward to my 6-week follow up visit, where we can put in a little more color.

If you want to give Carrie a call, please do so.  I know she will appreciate my referral.  Tell her Reene Bradshaw sent ya.  Check out her website too, she does a lot of other stuff.  Carrie is a former nurse, so I feel very comfortable telling you that she will care for you, your face, and give you all the information to make you feel like a rockstar, #justdoit #justdidit.

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