Super Sunday…a few things are certain, WE WILL CHEER ON THE DENVER BRONCOS, we will battle for the remote, I will repeatedly HUSH everyone during a commercial so I can “hear” everything (good Lawd, what did I do before the playback of the DVR?), and there will be a fight for the LOVE SAC!

Yes, you read it, the LOVE SAC.  No, it’s not me misinterpreting lyrics from the 1989 B-52’s classic, “Love Shack”.  (Although it would be totally possible because for years I never understood “Tin Roof…Rusted”, I thought it said “should be busted”)

LOVE SAC is my latest furniture obsession.  I discovered them over Christmas, as an absolute mistake.  I was at the Galleria in Houston, and WAS NOT at all looking for furniture.  But hey, when it hits, it hits.  I walked in, teenager in tow, and had to have it.  You see…hubby is a big guy, works A LOT, and when it comes to comfort, and down time, the man is ready to relax.  And my dears, we have found the ultimate in relaxation.

When I walked in, first let me say, I was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the furniture.  I took a photo of my teenager in the “love seat” style couch.  He sat and had enough room for another 2 people to be there.  Incredible.

I met Clay then.  Clay was my salesperson, correction, is my salesperson.  Clay answered all my questions, showed me everything, explained the history of the company, talked to me about pricing, styles, selections, etc.  In total, I spent about an hour with him.  You see, there is no right/wrong way to configure the sactionals.  You can literally do anything you want with them, foot rests, ottomans, extra cushions, L-shaped, long ways, short ways, deep seated, long seated, fabric choices…it’s the holy grail of decisions.

See, here’s the deal.  LOVE SAC started out as a bean bag company.  They went into “sactional” (get it, that’s not a typo) furniture later.  There is a long sordid story about the company, along with a little known investor, Richard Branson.  Yes, Virgin Atlantic, Richard Branson, and how he helped a college kid get started.  You can check that part out yourself.

Not equipped to make the transaction on my own, I took the information home, and had to explain to hubby, that while I knew it was Christmas time, and it was certainly not in our financial future to buy $7,000 worth of sacs, it was certainly in his best “comfort” interest to go with me to the Galleria on Sunday to look this stuff over.  (By the way, even before he left the house, hubby dearest knew we were getting furniture, because you see…he knows that I’m pretty convincing when I fall in love!)

Yep…SOLD!  Hubby sat in it for about an hour, and made his happy little butt at home while I stood in line for Santa Clause photos.  My plan had worked; not really, I wish I was that good.  But with that 1 hour wait for good Ol’ Saint Nick and hubby relaxing the whole time in a SAC, it was a done deal.

All I can say is that Clay made me a huge champion of the brand, the product, and him.  Clay was the MAN, IS THE MAN!  He made arrangements for it all, delivery, set up, including WHITE GLOVE SERVICE, which I totally recommend, and wouldn’t order the furniture any other way, and took care of a few problems with it.  You see, there were a few problems with it, but I always say… where there is a problem, there is an opportunity.  Clay must have known that I was “that” customer, who knows, but I’m telling you, every single time a small something came up, Clay was there taking care of it, with a phone call, or a text updating me, explaining it to me, and making sure that everything was okay.

Clay is no longer at the Galleria store.  He has moved to the Woodlands location.  I have him on speed dial, and believe me when I say, he’s my new BFF!

If you are a ONE in the KNOW follower, Clay will still take care of you.  I can personally recommend him, and will personally give him the ONE in the KNOW stamp of approval.

My game room is rocking.  Hubby has fallen asleep 3 times in the LOVE SAC since we have had it.  He looks like a baby in the womb, total fetal position, and sound asleep.  We have spent more time in the game room (which was the entire reason for the remodel of that garage) since receiving the new furniture.

Check out the website,  Right now, there is a huge sale on the bean bags that made them famous. Tell them ONEFRB sent ya!

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