Anyone out there know anything about #NationalMcDonaldsDay?  I had no idea.

I found out because I am one of those freaks that likes to look up the holidays on the calendar.  But let’s go ahead and categorize my little calendar search.  My calendar search is done on one of those little apps.  This particular app has all of those funky, and rarely known holidays, like today for instance, “Safety Pin Day.”  In this case, for this blog, we will talk McDonald’s Day.  Good ol’ Mickey D’s is celebrated on April 15th.  Ironic that the holiday coincides with tax day?  I think not.

Here’s my McDonald’s story, you know, to celebrate the big day.

In 2000, Hubs and I found ourselves pregnant with our first child. JOY, JOY, JOY!  It had taken an act of congress to get this little Hispanic chica pregnant, which is another crazy tale best left for another time.  After trying to get pregnant for quite some time, and then when it finally happened, let’s just say…I embraced it.  FULLY EMBRACED the eating part.

I was so excited to be pregnant.  I basically gave myself full-on permission to take the saying “eating for two” very literal.  When the cravings started to really kick in, I didn’t say NO.  Another little part to this tale, is that I am a self-proclaimed extreme couponer.  I was a coupon girl way before couponing was cool.  As a bargain shopper, and wanting to get something that would curb the cravings, McDonald’s had just the trick!

Here’s how it went down…McDonald’s 2/$1 HOT apple fried pies!

Set the scene.  Daily, around 3pm, drive-thru.

Oh boy, how I loved those pies. I was obsessed. I would HAVE to have an apple pie a day…at least.

The thing was, with every monthly doctor check in, I kept gaining weight. The good doc would say “wow Mrs. Bradshaw, really hitting the L-B’s, huh?” Of course, I would have that look of the “Good Luck Charlie” girl from the “I Dunno” memes.  And, of course, I would look right back at the doctor and lie through my teeth with, “I don’t know what’s going on.”  I mean, it couldn’t have anything to do with all those apple pies…right?

Well, then the day came that I completely broke down. I had to admit that I had a problem. A big 2/$1 problem…I was addicted to the McDonald’s Apple Pie’s!!! Hubs had gone with me to a scheduled doctor appointment, and when the doctor told me that week’s weight gain, and with full pregnancy hormones raging, I broke down.  Literally, broke down.  I cried out “I’ve been eating McDonald’s fried pies alright?”  I further explained that I had been eating 2 hot, fried apples pies for about 3 months.  E’RRY DAY!  Both of them looked at me in horror.  I mean, like scared to death HORROR.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure if they were in horror over the weight gain, or my freaking out.

The funniest part came when they asked the next question, “2 pies?  Why 2 pies?  Why not 1 pie?”  Of course I looked at them with the crazy eye. Again, like my head turned all the way around and gave them the crazy, stank eye.  My hubby knew all too well my bargaining brain.  Had he been the one with pregnancy brain?  Was HE crazy?  After all, he had to go home with me.  At least good ol’ doctor boy didn’t have to see me for a few weeks. But okay, I can explain.  I was like “Ya’ll…it’s not a bargain for 1 pie.  They charge the full price for 1 pie, it’s $0.79 for one pie.  Who would do that?  I mean, ya’ll, that’s a waste.  You HAVE TO GET 2 PIES.”  Mic drop.

OMG.  You should have heard them bust out laughing.  They were bent over, full belly laughing at my bargain reasoning.

Ya’ll, $0.29 was throwing me over the edge on the fried pie.

So, as I left the doctor’s office, with complete indignation, and not one shred of self-respect, I knew I had to wean myself off and take a step back. It was complete cold turkey on the fried pie obsession.  No more 2/$1 pies for me.  That’s when Operation No Fried Pie kicked in.  Day 2 sucked.  Day 3 was worse.  After about 15 days, I was sure that the McDonald’s drive thru lady had thought I had been abducted, and she surely missed my daily visits.  I knew too that the numbers for the chain food store were now going off the charts since they had surely started to budget for my daily visits. But, by then, it was labor time, and my newborn was here.  I had to go on full blown “get the body back” diet and I never looked back.

Of course, when I was pregnant the second time, I am quite sure that hubs and I talked about those fried pies and hubby worried that I was going to need intervention so as to not repeat my previous obsession.  I didn’t.  Cravings weren’t the same at all for baby two.

But hey, in honor of McDonald’s Day, I might just go get myself one, well, one order of 2/$1 pies.  And maybe you should too. It’s a bargain, you know!



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