This is my VA.  No, not my Veteran’s Administration.

This is my Virtual Assistant.  Her name is Alexandrea Harrelson.  She is dream (in her Airstream…see, told you, I can bust a rhyme!).

What say you?  What is a VA?  Same question man!  SAME!

I never knew such a thing existed.  A virtual assistant?  What does a virtual assistant do?  Insert awesome friend, Lea Bodie.  Thanks to Leah, I became a member of the VA Online Community.  What say you?  What’s the VA Online Community?  OH MY GAWSH!  Only one of the greatest things known to man.  Chalk it up to one of the 7 Wonders.

I feel so ultra, uber tech savvy, saying MY virtual assistant.  You would swear I’ve been in the online game forever, talking all hip, all 2017, with my virtual assistant snob tone.  Can you hear it?  Me – “yeah, my virtual assistant said blah, blah, blah.”  You – “what’s a virtual assistant?”  Me – “wow, you don’t have a VA?  OMG, you really must get one!”  HA!  VA snob I tell ya.

The VA Community is a group of Virtual Assistants who can help you with pretty much anything.  I’ve never met Alex in person, other than doing our Google Hangout chats.  We’ve seen each other but never have shaken hands.  We do all of our communication through texts, emails, phone chats, Facebook messaging, and online hosting.  My VA helped me create this website.  She converted hubby’s website to the landing page he wanted.  She has saved us money from those big hosting sites, since Alex understood when I explained, it’s not anything myself or hubs needed (or wanted).  She has helped me understand all of the things that come with my and hub’s websites, all the things my website can do.  She also tells me the things that my website cannot do.  Like keeping my grey hair covered at all times, my website cannot help me with that, neither can the Googler.  BLESS.

Alex answers all of my questions, well, not all of them, she hasn’t come up with the answer to why we exist, but anything pertaining to my website, and pop ups, and google analytics, and building an audience, and whether something looks good or not, or even if my content is funny…she answers it. (she doesn’t always tell me what I want to hear either.)

Alex, is also a blogger herself.  Check her out at  She is building her dream Airstream (rhyming again, busta!).  She is married, she has a chocolate lab named Scarlett.  She thinks she and her husband are cool.  I kinda think they are cool too.

I’m sure she is exhausted talking with me some days, and having me in her ear.  ME, imagine it, trying to understand this whole online world thing. But, dig it, she has made it through enough to teach me about SUMO, WordPress, Ipage, Jetpack, Google Analytics, and so on…so I think she must like me too.

I’m happy to support her dream.  So, I’m happy to recommend my VA if you need her.  Ask me, I’ll tell you all about the VA Community, and may even send you an invite to our group if you are lucky.  You just can’t steal Alex away from me, or from Lea.  We might not like you at that point.  The busier Alex gets is the more we could potentially be squeezed out.  You hear me, Alex, first dibs, well second, after Lea!

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